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Singasan Battissi

Singasan Battissi Genre
Animation Feature Film Click to view demo
Language Hindi
Duration 120 mins
Country of Origin India


Imagine a world, when there was no Harry Potter, no world of Narnia! Yet there was magic as never seen before, Villians more powerful than ever. And to fight them all single handedly was the mightiest of them all. He was the King of the Kings! He was King VIKRAMADITYA!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey of a lifetime! Come; enter the world of SINGHASAN BATTISI! A royal throne gifted by none other than Lord Indra himself. It was ornamented with 32 beautiful figurines who are the sole witness to the might and greatness of King VIKRAMADITYA, who was the proud owner of this extraordinary throne!

Now these 32 figurines come alive to narrate the story of King VIKRAMADITYA episode after episode.

Each story is filled with captivating incidents that not only entertains but also teaches us a lesson in life not to be forgotten; making these stories a treasure to be cherished for life and to be experienced again and again.

So this season get set to witness the tale of one of the greatest mythological blockbuster ever told.

The legend of SINGHASAN BATTISI!! Come, get mesmerized.

Nitin Kumar Gupta - Prem Haria

Fountain Pixels

Producer Shashikant Chheda

Rakesh Prasad

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