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Language Hindi
Duration 115 mins
Country of Origin India


Ishaan as Cyrus is college swimming champ. He often gets confused when it comes to making decisions in his life. He wants to be a writer but his dad wants him to be a national level swimmer. Cyrus hides his dream from his dad because all he has in his family is his dad and he does not want to disappoint or hurt him. He and his group of friends are quite popular in college but he feels out of place when with them. He needs someone in his life who can really understand him.

Ankita as April, an average girl next door who lives with her step mother and step sisters. After her dad passed away, they started treating her like a servant. She goes to college and does part time work in the evening to earn her pocket money. The only person close to her is childhood friend Raj. April has worked hard and is trying for scholarship for further studies but things don’t go as planned...

Cyrus and April meet randomly online and they start getting close but they never reveal their true identities. But patience runs out and they finally decide to meet. Somehow April manages to find out his true identity but Cyrus fails to do so. April thinks that Cyrus is too good for her and tries to sulk away in the fear of rejection whereas Cyrus looks for her everywhere as she was the only one who could understand him as a friend and as a lover... Will Cyrus and April finally meet?

Will Cyrus accept April for what she really is? Will April find the courage to be herself and claim the life she’s always wanted?


Introducing Ishaan Manhas & Ankita


NitinKumar Gupta & Prem Hariya

Produced By

Shashikant Chheda, Amit Chheda

Written And Directed By Shankhadeep
Singers Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan, Sukhwinder, Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Kumar,
Nehha Rajpal, Jojo & Neha Rizvi, Croydon D'souza & NitinKumar Gupta
Lyrics Taufique Palvi & NitinKumar Gupta

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