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Prahlad Genre
Animation Feature Film Click to View Promo
Language Hindi / English
Duration 90 mins.
Country of Origin India


PRAHLAD is the Divine saga of a Vishnu devotee boy who did not yield to the atrocities of his father. HIRANYAKASHIPU was a demon king who desired to become god! He did severe meditation and called upon Lord BRAHMA! He asked the boon to be immortal! Lord Brahma could not refuse him. Having been granted the boon he attacks the gods with his army and destroyed them. Then he declared himself as god! Frightened by the growing power of HIRANYAKASHIPU, the gods went to lord Vishnu and asked him to save them before HIRANYAKASHIPU wiped them off from heaven! Lord VISHNU assures them that when the right time comes he himself will take avtaar and kill HIRANYAKASHIPU. To this ferocious demon is born a son PRAHLAD! And when PRAHLAD was born he was born an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. This angers HIRANYAKASHIPU and he orders to kill his own son. But whatever drastic ways he takes PRAHLAD is saved by the grace of Lord Vishnu! HIRANYAKASHIPU gets so frustrated that he decides to kill his son himself. And then Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of NARSIMHA to put an end to the evils of HIRANYAKASHIPU! But HIRANYAKASHIPU had the boon of being immortal! Will NARSIMHA be able to kill HIRANYAKASHIPU even after this boon? That's PRAHLAD! A saga of a young boy, who proves to the world that even a boy of his age with the power of faith and meditation, can compel Lord Vishnu to take avtaar and destroy the evil of mother earth!

Nitin Kumar Gupta & Prem Haria

Fountain Pixels

Producer Shashikant Chheda
Writer & Director Rakesh Prasad

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