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Shashikant Chheda Chairman & Managing Director
Shashikant Chheda has been the founder & managing the company as a director. His several years of experience made him to step into the Entertainment & Media Industry with a vision to be one of the largest distribution & marketing company. He has been instrumental in providing leadership and direction to the company. His effort in developing the company’s growth has been excellent.

Amit Chheda Chief Executive Officer
Amit Chheda is an astute businessman with decades of experience in the media entertainment & film distributions business and has a sharp focus on Content development, Marketing & Acquisition. He focuses on investment opportunities that directly enhance the company’s ability to meet specific strategic goals. These Strategic goals include expansion into key strategic market, completion of a strategic partnership, and critical research and development.
He heads the business growth with large marketing network across the globe. He is widely respected in the film, Home Video Entertainment & distribution fraternity for his ability to identify the right product in right time. He has combined his passion for the breakthrough technology with his ability to create innovative business models for high-growth companies. His thought process & strategies has made phenomenal growth to the company.
He has more than 18 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry. Mr. Chheda is the known figure in the distribution and Home video Entertainment business as he has been a member of the Association of Motion Pictures & T.V Programme producers (AMPTPP), Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association (IMPPA). He has been instrumental in creating an environment of integrity, fair business practices, respect for intellectual property and a ceaseless quest for human capital development.



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