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Shethia Audio Video Pvt Ltd, a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company, is a leader in the Content creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of feature films, television, home video, animation & all forms of media entertainment.  In addition to its long-standing position as the industry's preeminent production house and distribution, Shethias has also become one of the foremost authorities on utilizing licensing and merchandising to grow and reinforce its brands, on pioneering new forms of distribution.

Shethias, a film production & distribution company under its banner – Gipsy Films, was setup to create a platform to promote inspiring & meaningful cinema. With the clear focus on high entertainment value, the company integrates the value chain in the commercial motion picture segment from production to distribution to Home video entertainment. Our portfolio of film production would reflect a deep understanding of audience preferences along with new age of profession. The Company has been maintaining a diverse portfolio of movie productions; including movies in the English, Hindi and regional Indian languages as well as animation movies for the Indian and International market.

The company portfolio in film production started with the India’s first 3D animation feature film on Krishna (Hindi) released in 2006. Anticipating an increased demand for original content, the company stepped into production of animation film line-ups like “Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauha" , “Prahlad”, “Ghatotkach”, & “Singasan Battisi”

Gipsy films have a clear goal of producing, distributing and exhibiting films that would delight and entertain audiences across the nation. The Company is constantly on the lookout, the manner in which it can leverage its distribution network. The company provides a hand-on approach towards marketing and distribution to ensure a successful reception of films, Television & Home Video titles.  The company has tie-ups with international major production & distribution houses like Fremantle media U.K, Star Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Pyramid Exports, Innovision, and Discovery etc.

Gipsy Video – the brand that represents Home Video, commands the largest distribution infrastructure in the Home video Entertainment segment.  In addition to releasing current and library feature Educational Programmes, Gipsy Video, has also established itself as a leading distributor in the Home Video Entertainment business with the catalog capacity of more than 1000 home video titles. Gipsy Video represents the First Media Entertainment Company having the Largest Home Video Catalog of Kids Edutainment Programmes in India.  The company maintains an ongoing commitment to expand and build the power of its core brand recognition in the national & international marketplace through strong and creative merchandising, promotional marketing & retail programs.

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